Wednesday, August 31, 2005


I know that this screams "Photoshop", but there's a reason. I've been shooting an historical house that was on the verge of demolition. For artistic reasons, I shot (or posted) all of the pictures in black and white. Fortunately, money was raised to have the house moved instead of torn down. I went by to document the moving (below) and noticed this small tree in front of the house. Dark tree, heavy backlighting, last frame on the last roll that I had with me...I gave it my best shot. When I scanned the negative I was disappointed.

I wanted to portray the story of the house, how it had become tangled up in the politics of eminent domain, how the pursuit of money had affected its existence. Manipulation through Photoshop enabled me to do just that, and do it well.

Any and all comments/thoughts/opinions will be gladly welcomed.