Tuesday, March 13, 2007

image 066

shot back in august of 06, and just developed a week ago!

one last shot

hello all...at least all who see this. been really really busy of late; FINALLY have my own place and BEST OF ALL have a computer again. i have to confess that i've also been venturing onto "MySpace" here and there...it's hard to find time enough to be all of the places that i want to be. (and, for that matter, need to be.)
i went this weekend past to my ex-wifes place to gather up my belongings, and found this 4x5 hanging in my old darkroom, developed but never viewed. it was the last picture i took before i went away to rehab, and with the stubbornness of the screw and how it tears into the grain of wood/life, i more or less see it as a self-portrait of me at the time.
it's so good to be back, and i don't mean only photography"back" but "back" back as well.